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MaxAir – Bookworm Help

Last Updated on 15/12/2023 by Kevin Agar

Some commands and information to help with Bookworm OS

Manually create a system image

Reload systemd manager configuration.

This command should not be confused with the reload command.

Start the service mnt-pibackups.mount See here

Stop the service mnt-pibackups.mount See here

For each automount unit file a matching mount unit file must exist, which is activated when the automount path is accessed. Example: if an automount unit mnt-pibackups.automount is active and the user accesses /mnt/pibackups the mount unit mnt-pibackups.mount will be activated.

A typical use case for automount units is mounting file systems (e.g. on remote or removable or encrypted media) that are not required during the boot process and may slow it down, or that may be unavailable at boot, but that you still like having managed by systemd.

show the state of all services

show the state of all services with descriptions

To see failed services

To attempt to restart failed services

bookworm uses NetworkManager rather than WPASupplicant to manage the wifi connection. You can issue the command ‘sudo nmtui‘ from the commandline to initiate a graphical interface to setup the connection.

For some reason the BT.helper service doesn’t start on my Raspberry PI 3B Therefor add this line to the /boot/config.txt file

add the following to the end of the file and save

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