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MaxAir – Gateway using a WT32-ETH01

Last Updated on 01/08/2022 by Kevin Agar

Following on from my post Changing MaxAir gateway from WiFi to Ethernet, this is the latest iteration of the Gateway that can be set as either WiFi or Ethernet in a compact package.

The gateway is using a WT32-ETH01 that can be purchased at numerous outlets, for example, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, etc

It also uses an NRF24L01+PA+LNA module that can be purchased at numerous outlets, for example, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, etc

Terry, the main developer of this gateway for MaxAir, has created a board to mount everything on. I’m not sure if he has this board for sale but he can be contacted at Discord>PiHome HVAC

The sketch can be downloaded from MaxAir at

or from the MaxAir controller at /var/www/Arduino_Sketches/nRF24L01/MaxAir_GatewayWT32_ETH01_v001

The file below gives information about the gateway and what’s needed to program it.

Initial Release of Gateway sketch for WT32-ETH01 wireless-tag board.

Implements WirelessManager.

Can be configured for NRF24L01, or RFM69 or RFM95 wireless modules.

Jumper for WiFi only mode.

Jumper for Ethernet only mode.

Jumper to clear EEPROM of saved wireless credentials.

Connection can be either WiFi or Ethernet or both.

Compiled as ESP32 Dev Module.

Pin Usage

Pin NameFunction
TX0Serial OUT
RX0Serial IN
IO0Program Select Jumper (10K Pull-up Resistor to 3V3)
IO4Radio CE
IO12Radio MISO
IO14Radio SCK
IO15Radio SS
CFG (IO32)Disable Ethernet Interface Jumper (10K Pullup Resistor to 3V3)
485_EN (IO33)TX LED
IO35Disable WiFi Interface Jumper (10K Pullup Resistor to 3V3)
IO36Radio IRQ (10K Pullup Resistor to 3V3)
IO39Clear WiFi Credentials Jumper (10K Pullup Resistor to 3V3)
5V5volt Power Input
3V33.3volt Power Out to Radio
GNDCommon Ground

Install support for ESP32 boards by using Additional Boards Manager URL: and searching for esp32

Board type to be selected is ‘ESP32 Dev Module’

The sketch uses WiFiManager and WebServer_WT32_ETH01 libraries and requires a change to the file MyGatewayTransportEthernet.cpp.

In the Arduino IDE install the ZIP library

Copy the folder WiFiManager to …\Documents\Arduino\libraries

Modify the file …\Documents\Arduino\libraries\MySensors\core\MyGatewayTransportEthernet.cpp as per the instructions at

Programming mode:

programming mode.jpg

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